Don’t Go Nuts!

A major theme on this site over the next few months, or even years, will be on identifying and discussing factors that affect weight maintenance after dieting loss.

News headline about losing and gaining weight

There are many weight loss programs that help people lose weight, but sadly most people regain their losses in as little as a year. That is not acceptable.

A Subtle Food Risk

One of the more subtle temptations that can often lead to gaining weight for even the most health conscious people is the attraction of healthy, nutritious foods that still have lots of calories. It is one of those that became the first real threat to my weight maintenance program not long after I got my weight down to its appropriate level.

Nuts of various kinds are quite nutritious and used properly can be a valid part of a person’s diet as it has been for me. But they can also be a dangerous food to have around if not used properly.

In the last week or so…


Fitness Report: November 2015

Month for report: November 2015

You have heard the old saying, “Time flies when you are having fun!” But the truth is, as I have found, sometimes it also flies when you are not having fun.

Of course, sometimes time just flies, whether you are having fun or not. That is the way October was for me. In other words, it seems I thought little about my weight loss efforts and did even less. Still, I never lost my awareness of my eating habits and there were a few important observations which I can share briefly.

Concentrate, No Matter What

Even though for me it took many months to lose all the weight I needed to shed, I did not find it impossible to keep my mind focused on my goal. It was sometimes hard to resist overeating or sneaking a treat here or there, but I never lost awareness or my “hunger” for a trimmer shape!

But once your weight loss goal is achieved it seems commitment is a little harder to maintain. It is easy to think that you can ignore this meal or another and just splurge a little. After all, even if I gain a pound or two I know I am under my target weight a few pounds, right.

Image of flying clocks

Obviously, one meal will not ruin your life. But one can easily lead to another and then another. Then, your concern and awareness will begin to drift away. The danger is not in ocassionally eating a meal with more than the usual number of calories but one of being unconcious of overeating and allowing eating habits to get out of control. And if you do, very quickly a lot of months will fly by and a lot of weight can be picked up along the way!


Fitness Report: October 2015

October 2015

What a exciting month in my Getting Fit at Last program! This has been a pivotal month for me in a number of ways so I am eager to write this report, in part because it will help me pull together my thinking about the path ahead. If you are taking time to read this I hope it will give you something to think about as well.

Why a Change in Direction is Required

If you read last month’s report you already know that after sixteen months of slow but consistent weight loss, averaging about four pounds a month, I have reached my target weight of 175 pounds. That represents a weight loss of over 80 pounds altogether.

Chart of Weight Loss 2014-15

From time to time I may continue to show the weight loss progress chart, especially in posts about the weight loss plan itself, but it will not be every month and the chart may be a bit smaller than previously (smaller as shown here). But since the weight loss phase is over we will now move on to some other areas of focus.

The primary focus for our next stage as far as weight is concerned will be on weight maintenance. As I have pointed out a few times before, I consider this the most critical stage of any weight loss program and one that is absent in most cases as evidenced by the fact that almost everyone who loses weight gains it back in the next year.

There are a number of other areas I want to work on. In particular I want to give some more attention to my exercise program. But just as my first year (a little more actually) has focused on weight loss, I will give absolute priority to weight maintenance for several months. If I only achieve one thing it will be that until I can feel confident with it being permanent.

A New Direction in Eating

The most enjoyable aspect of my change to weight maintenance is not that I get to eat more, although that is a nice benefit. The best part is that I am discovering new and more tasty foods.

Let me take these two ideas in turn, however, since I do want to share how I am eating more as well as discuss what I am eating.


Little Known Secret to
Maintaining Weight Loss

There is, I have discovered, a little known secret to maintaining weight loss. It is not inherently obvious to most people so few ever think of it. But once you do think about it, its value is clear.

Poster - Hobbies

Take up a new hobby! Not just any hobby but a certain one. Cooking. It may not be a necessity, but it can be a definite help.

Even if you never considered it before or thought it to be enjoyable, get into it. You do not need to spend an inordinate amount of time on it, but make cooking one of your enjoyable hobbies and it will do wonders to help you maintain your weight at its proper level.


Fitness Report: September 2015

Image for month of September 2015

If you read my most recent (the previous) post, you know that this month marks a major milestone in my personal getting fit at last program. On August 16th I reached my weight loss target goal of 175 lbs.

Altogether I have lost over 80 pounds. Beginning at just over 255 pounds, I now weight under 175 pounds. The achievement feels great, but I am very much aware that this is just a transition point, even as far as my weight is concerned.

So What Goals Are Next?

Weight loss chart May 2014-September 2015

Naturally I have been anticipating this moment for a while and giving it some thought. Nevertheless, I recognize that I must give a lot of additional serious thought to the transition into my next stage….

There may be more, but I can readily see a few things that are absolutely essential. I will need to:

  • Accurately identify the requirements of a workable weight maintenance program, one that will adequately control calories and at the same time be practical and easily adopted.
  • Develop a written action plan including motivational steps that will enable me to permanently shape my eating habits for long term success.
  • Project an eating program that will…


Target Weight Loss Achieved!


Today I am putting a new day on my holiday calendar, August 16th—a day in 2015 that will live down in history, my personal history that is, as the day I reached a major goal—seeing my weight drop below 175 pounds for the first time in decades!

Now to celebrate!

My Long Weight Loss Journey

In April of last year I made a decision that dramatically changed the course of my life. After years of neglecting my health in general, and living with a lot of excess weight most obviously, I came to the point of making a serious commitment to get fit.

The most pressing part of that effort was to shed at least 80 pounds. Losing weight was only one part of what I recognized would be essential, but it stood out as a priority beginning point because it affected and in many cases limited my potential for achieving others.


Fitness Report: August 2015

August 2015

Years ago (when I was much younger of course) I used to run a good bit. There is a lot you can learn from running in addition to its obvious health benefits. One thing I remember well was the great satisfaction that came from finishing well.

Taking the Last Lap with Style!

When I ran, no matter how far I ran (typically about five miles but some days ten or more) the best part was that last 100 yards. No matter how exhausted I was, when the finish line came in site there would inevitably be an adrenaline rush that enabled me to speed up and finish the run with a flourish.

That is somewhat how I feel this month about my weight loss effort. I began a year ago last April. Now some sixteen months later I see the goal I originally set out on in site…


Fitness Report: July 2015

Month: July 2015

Because June proved to be one of the busiest months I have experienced in years I did not have a lot of time to think about my fitness program or write for the site. Yet it proved to be one of the more enjoyable and productive ones yet as far as progress on my fitness journey is involved.

Not only did I make good progress toward my weight loss goal, I was able to learn how to cook some great new foods and drop down in clothing sizes as well. What more could I ask for?

Continuing Weight Loss

For two reasons I fully expected to end the month of June showing little if any weight loss for the record. Primarily I knew that my scale reading at the first of the month was unexpectedly low with the days before and immediately after registering a little higher—it is common to have days like that due to salty foods on the one hand or extra protein on the other artificially raising or lowering the scale reading. Of course they balance out.

Weight loss chart through July 2015

In addition, I had already planned to start increasing my food input a bit more and eat more meals with less accurate calorie count as I migrated more and more toward a permanent maintenance diet. While I have a real desire to reach my ultimate weight goal I have even a stronger commitment to establishing a healthy permanent eating pattern to maintain it once I do.

During the first ten days or so of the month I hit a real plateau and began to think I would do well to end the month as well off as I started it. But then…


How to Modify Frozen Diet Meals

One secret I have found to migrating from a low calorie weight loss plan to a long term maintenance plan is learning how to use frozen meals like those from Weight Watchers (Smart Ones) and Lean Cuisine as a base, making a few improvements to suit your needs. Here are a few of my thoughts and suggestions—ideas that work for me.

Frozen diet dinner collage

Start With the Right Attitude

A lot of success in any area is learning how to think about what you are doing, and that is true in this case as well. Any change or adaptation should be done for a reason.

These meals are often fine just as they are, and I appreciate the way they help make weight loss easier by offering good meals with sometimes a very limited number of calories. You do not need to “fix” anything unless there is a legitimate reason to do so.

Often, however, there are good reasons for improving dishes as far as enabling them to better meet your personal needs as you transition to a long term healthy eating pattern. My intentions here are to share some of my goals and how I try to reach them.

Adding More Size to the Meal

While working hard to lose weight, it is obviously necessary to eat a good number of meals that we think of as just a way to get by until we can eat a snack or another meal. We discipline ourselves to do it because we are committed to our weight loss goal. But this is not a good long term permanent approach to eating.

There are a number of ways to add to a meal designed to assist with weight loss and make it a fully satisfying one for a long term regular healthy eating. I have been experimenting with these ideas for some time, to some extent even before I thought about allowing myself to increase my daily calorie intake much.

The easiest way is…


Fitness Report: June 2015


The month of May was a very exciting one for me personally as far as my Getting Fit At Last program is concerned. Not only have I lost additional weight as hoped, I have also developed some new and positive eating habits that should have long term value for my good health.

Obviously, I enjoy eating, all too much perhaps, which is certainly one contributing factor to my initial weight problem. The good news for me now is that I am finding new joy in eating some great foods that I enjoy just as much as the fattening foods I ate before, but which add nutrition and good taste without the high calorie count.

Continuing Weight Loss

In the world of music it is not uncommon for a singer to have a remarkable hit and then have to sing that same hit over and over, perhaps for years. Now I may not be going on for years, but just as the musician may appreciate the fact of having a hit become successful enough to never get tired of singing the song, I am happy to sing my song of “four more pounds!”