Portrait: James Salmons

Although in the right setting I am sometimes introduced accurately as Dr. James G. Salmons, and I did earn my doctors degree, I am not a medical doctor. I am not a physical trainer nor a dietitian either.

I say all this to make it clear that I am not writing this blog as an authority in these technical fields although I do have some relevant training and experience related to diet and exercise as well as a great deal related to working with senior adults’ health needs, personal motivation, adult education, etc. To the point, I do not want anyone to mistake my intentions or goals for the Getting Fit At Last website.

First of all I am interested in fitness for those of us growing older as a means of helping myself. After years of neglect and only thinking occasionally about the fact that I needed to lose some weight (eventually a lot of it) and get back to some meaningful exercise, I decided it was time to get to work on it.

I also knew it would help to motivate me if I made myself accountable to some others. I have learned a lot about food, diet and exercise over the years but I want to learn more and I am looking forward to doing just that through interaction with others on this website.

But in addition, I decided to start the website because I wanted to help others along the way. I have a personal interest in the subject matter of this site, helping senior adults find the motivation and direction they need to get fit and stay that way as much as they are capable of doing so.

For most of my adult life I have spent a lot of my time working with seniors one way or another. For the last eighteen years I have operated a residential home for senior adults.

I have seen first hand what a difference maintaining a level of fitness makes in a person’s life as they get to be sixty, seventy, eighty, or older. I have seen men and women in their sixties barely able to walk and others in their eighties walk with a spring in their step.

For some poor health has been thrust upon them. But for many, inappropriate eating and activity choices are major contributors to their physical and often mental conditions.

Author sitting in Lazy-boy

Unfortunately, over the last few years I drifted into more activity, or rather inactivity, related to working on a number of websites and other work requiring little physical activity instead of the gardening and more physically demanding tasks I enjoyed in earlier years. At the same time I drifted into a lot of nibbling on junk food. Not a good thing.

Before you know it I was out of shape and overweight. OK, let’s say it, obese (topping out at 255 pounds)! Happily I have now recognized the fact and have decided to pursue a better path. Already I have lost over 30 pounds. It feels great and it is only the beginning.

With good eating habits and appropriate exercise there is no question that most of us could live better lives. This site is dedicated to that end.