Easy Does It

One of the secrets to success in any project is initiating that first step. How can you get started? It is so easy to just keep thinking about something without ever doing anything about it. This post is about one trick I have found helpful.

Why Start Slowly?


Often the reason it is hard to get started on a project is because it looks so difficult. It may not be that it is overwhelmingly complicated, it could be that it is just so big. Or perhaps it is something that will obviously take a long time. Or something that pays no benefits for a while.

In any of these cases it is often helpful to get started by taking some small, at times even miniscule steps. You know the old question, “How do you eat an elephant?” and the answer, “One bite at a time.”

Over the years I have applied this concept to many projects. My experience has been very positive and I know that I have gotten many projects done starting that way—things that might never have gotten done otherwise.

One Certain Time to Start Slowly

There is one time when it always pays to start slowly, whether it is needed for motivational purposes or not. That is when you are initiating a new exercise program.

The reasons for this are fairly obvious, especially when you have not been exercising for some time. Not only can a fast start risk injury or pain from overuse, you also risk causing your heart or other organs to get over taxed if you go at it too strenuously.

That is one reason people are advised to check with their doctor before beginning a new more intense exercise program. No one wants to facilitate a heart attack with a well intentioned but misguided exercise regime. But even with your physicians approval it is wise to begin slowly and work your way up.

Joy of Getting Started

Now I finally got started with my own exercise program this past week. It has been a long time coming, but I knew it was more than time to get going.


By starting at an easy pace I had no trouble getting myself to work at it every day. I knew it would not take long, would be easy to do, and would not risk injury.

Later I will discuss the routine I have adopted in a little more detail, no doubt, but to start I am doing a little stretching every day. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I am doing strength training. Then on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I am doing some aerobic exercise.

The extent of my exercising was quite limited this first week and will remain so this coming week as well, although over the next few weeks I will extend the length of the workouts a bit. After establishing the time set aside for my workouts I will work to make them a little more strenuous—but not extreme by any means.


I have to say that I feel good about getting started with my exercising. It helps you feel better all around and I know from previous experience that it makes dieting and weight loss easier as well.

The most important long term objective is to establish a strong habit of exercising that I can stay with on a permanent basis. In any case my slow start is better than what I was doing before!