Little Things Mean a Lot

Small things can sometimes make a big difference. It is fun to find them and put them to work for our advantage.

Small But Powerful Way to Cut Calories

This week I discovered a small help to my dieting work that will serve me well and help me save lots of calories over time. This discovery came altogether by accident, but no matter, it works just as well.


For some time I have been eating a large salad for supper, not every day but often. For my salad I use a shallow bowel about the size of a small dinner plate and an inch deep. Until now I cut up my salad on the plate, put on my salad dressing (lite of course) and tossed it as best as I could with my fork.

Finding the tossing difficult, often spilling over the edge and not mixing the dressing very well, today I got hold of a large, deep bowl to help. I cut my salad into the bowel, added dressing and stirred vigorously. To my amazement the salad looked drenched in dressing!

Here is the discovery. By using a better tossing method I found I needed no more than half the amount of dressing as when my tossing was poor. Half the dressing means half the calories.

Apply an Amazing Idea to Weight Loss

Depending on the salad dressing used this will only save between 25 and 50 calories per meal. But as anyone would know, every calorie counts. That is how we get overweight in the first place, a few calories a day.


But there is more. Long ago I learned one of the most important productivity secrets ever. The one percent principle says that when you improve your skill in anything one percent a day you will double your output in just over three months! An amazing concept.

Now applying that to the current situation in a practical way, if we can learn new skills for cutting calories on a regular basis and keep adding them together, soon we will have a powerful program for weight control that enables us to make a major cut in our calorie intake while eating very well.

We do not have to find a hundred ways to cut calories to make a meaningful difference. If we cut 50 calories a day on our salad dressing it is a start. If we cut 50 calories by switching bread choices there is another. Keep going and pretty soon we are in control not just of our calories but of our weight.

Even the smallest changes can be important when joined with others over time. Twenty or thirty calories here or there sounds small. But joined with a dozen or so other cuts and maintained day after day they can be life changing.


If we are always looking for big things to make a difference we may just miss the small things that really could. Especially if we string them together. Applying this idea to weight loss is one concept I do not want to forget.