Every once in a while, no let’s make that every time we turn around, someone (often a politician or the like) says, “Let me make this very clear,” and then they do anything but. Well, I will put this in plain English so it will be very clear to everyone.

Now you know, as I do, that every site like this is required to have a page like this one, a disclaimer page, to satisfy the legal folks in case someone claims they follow the advice on it and it caused them grief one way or another. So here goes.

I am neither a medical doctor nor a physical therapist and nothing on this site is intended to suggest that I am. That means I am not suggesting or recommending what anyone else personally should do.

I am trying to offer the best content available on the topics I discuss and I believe that I am pretty good at research and finding reliable information. I also believe that I have a lot of relevant experience to enlighten my views as expressed on the site. But each individual is responsible for knowing their own health situation and checking with their personal physician as appropriate when adopting any exercise routine or eating habits.

Neither am I a dietitian although once I did have a friend who was a doctor of gastroenterology and internal medicine at the Mayo Clinic (he described it as a doctor of burps and belches). I do have strong personal views about many of these areas as a result of my own study and experience, but I am not offering professional advice.

On these pages I present the results of my own research and offer my own conclusions with the intent that my writing should be taken as educational and when possible, entertaining, in nature. Any decisions a person makes about their own eating habits after reading these pages are their own and should be made after any appropriate consultations with professionals.

In other words, I am not responsible for any decisions others make. I am not telling anyone what to do. I am just sharing my opinions and experience for what they are worth.