Fitness Report: September 2015

Image for month of September 2015

If you read my most recent (the previous) post, you know that this month marks a major milestone in my personal getting fit at last program. On August 16th I reached my weight loss target goal of 175 lbs.

Altogether I have lost over 80 pounds. Beginning at just over 255 pounds, I now weight under 175 pounds. The achievement feels great, but I am very much aware that this is just a transition point, even as far as my weight is concerned.

So What Goals Are Next?

Weight loss chart May 2014-September 2015

Naturally I have been anticipating this moment for a while and giving it some thought. Nevertheless, I recognize that I must give a lot of additional serious thought to the transition into my next stage. I have some definite ideas in mind, but I need to flesh them out quite a bit.

Almost everyone who loses significant weight gains it back, and more, over the following year. I do not want to do that for sure, so before attempting anything else I want commit myself to firmly establish an effective weight maintenance program.

This is my most important concern at this time, without question—to take whatever steps are necessary to assure that I can preserve what I have accomplished before moving on to other fitness areas. I know that it would be dangerous to allow my attention to be diverted elsewhere before doing so.

What Specific Steps Will Be Needed?

There may be more, but I can readily see a few things that are absolutely essential. I will need to:

  • Accurately identify the requirements of a workable weight maintenance program, one that will adequately control calories and at the same time be practical and easily adopted.
  • Develop a written action plan including motivational steps that will enable me to permanently shape my eating habits for long term success.
  • Project an eating program that will satisfy my health needs while being one that can satisfy my taste buds and be followed without regret.
  • Learn the food preparation skills and adopt the eating habits needed to firmly establish my long term eating plan.

One factor that is most positive as I look for success in this is that I already have developed a definite taste for a lot of less fattening foods and methods of food preparation that contribute fewer calories to my diet.

Also important as I look ahead is my full realization that the fact that I have been losing about a pound a week means that a maintenance level of eating only permits me to increase my eating in a way that will include about 500 more calories a day. I am not harboring an unreasonable belief that I can greatly increase the amount I eat.

Looking Good or Feeling Good?

Child looking at self in mirror

When I recently ran into some old friends I had not seen for a while the greeting was most welcome to say the least, “Well hello, Jim, do you ever look great!” We always appreciate comments like that, but losing a lot of excess weight is more than a matter of looks. It is also a matter of health.

My weight loss shows in my appearance, as everyone who knew me a year or so ago can see (and admittedly I take note of it myself every time I walk by a mirror!), but more important is the fact that I feel so much better and am able to do so much more.

My primary motivation all along has not been to please anyone but myself and most importantly to do it for health reasons, not something as superficial as looks. I am keeping that in mind as I continue on my next steps.

That is why it will take some time to achieve these goals. I already know a good bit about nutrition and other health matters but I want to learn more. In addition, I want to learn how to do a lot more in the way of lower calorie food preparation and extend the variety of food I eat.

Everything In Its Own Time

Fall is upon us. Summer is over and we are moving into a new season. That is the way of my eating life. I enjoy the seasons of the year and the seasons of life. I am happy now to be concluding a long period of focusing on dieting to lose weight and looking forward to learning to enjoy a lot of new eating practices for long term weight maintenance and good health.

I hope you will stay tuned and join me in the journey. Let me know if you do and share your challenges and successes.