Getting Fit At Last!

You’ve heard it before, “It’s never too late to get fit.” OK. I want to believe it. In fact, inside I know it really is true. But dog gone it. My experience is that in many ways the older you get the harder it gets. And I am definitely getting older!

Author sitting in Lazy-boyFor years I have been thinking about it, even reading a little about it from time to time. But thinking and reading about it while sitting in front of my computer nibbling on Doritos or peanut M&M’s is not enough.

However, I am determined to make it happen, and to make it happen beginning now. OK, I’ll be honest. I’ve even said that before. But this time I really want it to be different.

That is one of my reasons for trying this open to the world approach. If I think anyone is watching it may just be the added bit of pressure I need to succeed.

On this site I am going to share my progress along with what I am learning along the way. I know it will help me to do better and I am hopeful that it can help others as well.

My Invitation to You

There are so many weight loss and fitness sites online that I hesitated to add this one, but then I decided to do it anyway for several reasons.

  • To encourage others to achieve a higher level of fitness.
  • To give readers a chance to share what they have learned in order to encourage me and each other.
  • Personally, to keep my own mind focused on my fitness goal.
  • To record my progress, successes and failures, so that along with others I can learn from them.
  • To collect some dependable information to guide my progress and help other senior adults learn the basics of getting fit in a way that is responsible for them at their age.

What are your fitness goals? Are you fit now? Do you think that you are too old to get fit?

If you are not fit, would you like to be? Would you like some company, some encouragement, some better ideas about how to deal with the challenges? If you do I encourage you to follow this blog, and to join in by interacting with myself or others through the comment area.

What Do We Need to Know?

Woman readingHow much do you know about fitness? A lot? A little? Perhaps you have read a book or two. Probably all of us have had discussions with doctors or at least friends about some of these health issues.

Over the years I have learned quite a bit. I have read a good bit. At times I have worked at it and gotten in pretty good shape. At other times I have moved in the opposite direction.

But there is always a lot more to learn. That’s another good reason for this format. It will allow others to share from their experience. I expect to learn from anyone willing to jump into the discussion and I hope others will learn, too.

My goal is to be practical. I’m not interested in a lot of theory although I am interested in making sure I know some basic facts and get it right. My focus, and what I suspect is what most of us need most, is to help us do more, with what we know already.

What Do We Need to Do?

In many areas of life, including health issues, we all know more than we effectively put into practice. What I do need to do most is to learn how to put into practice some of the things I already know about!

Lets Do It Now PosterI know I need to get my weight down and keep it there but even when I have had some success in the past I soon bounced back up to an even higher level than before. My weight finally reached an appalling 255 pounds, obviously in the obese category.

I know I need to eat more appropriately but staying with a healthy diet long term has never happened. I have managed to do well before, short term, but always drifting back into bad eating habits.

I need to get back to exercising and keep at it. Especially the keeping at it part! Again, I have succeeded before at times but not recently. Now how I can exercise safely at my age and beginning in my present condition which I can only describe as abysmal.

Now I know I cannot expect to do what I could do when I was twenty, or even what I could do when I was fifty for that matter. But I do want to get as fit as I can for someone in their seventies. Yes, there I said it. I am actually that old. Not in my head of course, but physically I do notice it from time to time. Especially when I look in the mirror.


Please hang around. I know that as time goes by and other interests get my attention it will be easy to drift back into neglect. Help me keep on track and I will do the same for you. Let’s get fit together. Then, let’s stay that way.